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6 AI Joke Generators That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Jokes are a great icebreaker in any social situation, though sometimes they’re pretty hard to come up with. So, have you ever found yourself wondering, wouldn’t it be great to have a joke to lighten up the mood? You can now have a hilarious joke at the tip of your fingers with the click of a few buttons using  AI Joke Generators.

While generating jokes with artificial intelligence is relatively new, it has started gaining popularity. AI joke generators can take natural language inputs and create jokes that are often surprisingly funny.Imagine having Disney’s Wall-E coming up to you and telling you a joke! AI joke generators can curate jokes based on wordplay, understanding of puns, and user preference. Artificial Intelligence is also capable of creating jokes from scratch. We’ve gone from saying ‘Hey Siri, Alexa, Google’ ‘tell me a joke’ and having them spew some auto-fed joke to having artificial intelligence give you new witty jokes in seconds. 

With the help of AI, it’s easier than ever to generate an amusing one-liner or a quality stand-up routine that will have the audience in stitches. Here, we bring you a curated list of 6 joke generators that you can use to create and enjoy your jokes, whether for yourself or if you’re entertaining.

Best AI Joke Generators

  1. Easy-Peasy.ai  
  2. ChatGPT
  3. Punchlines.ai
  4. Nichesss.com
  5. Boredhumans.com 
  6. Bing Chatbot

AI-Generated Jokes – Just for Starters

Before we get into our list of entertaining AI Joke Generators, let’s get a taste of all the quick wit you can generate with them. Knock-knock… Who’s there? A good laugh!

  • Why do zombies hate going to the gym?
    Because all they do is deadlift! (easy-peasy.ai)
  • Why don’t scientists trust atoms?
    Because they make up everything! (Chat-GPT)
  • Knock-Knock
    Who’s there?
    I’ll tell you in a minute (punchline.ai)
  • What did the painter name his son?
    Bob Rosseti (nichesss.com)
  • Why did the tomato turn red?
    Because it saw the salad dressing! (Boredhumans.com)
  • Why did the chicken cross the playground?
    To get to the other slide! (Bing Chatbot)

6 Rollicking AI Joke Generators 

While there are quite a few AI Joke Generators out there, we chose these specifically because they provide a great balance of humor and intelligence, with a wide variety of clever and entertaining options to pick from. Through the selection process, we found some that really made us chuckle and some that had us rolling our eyes at the punchline. 

All the AI Joke Generators we’ve rounded up are completely free or offer a free trial period. Let us be honest though I don’t find us paying for jokes unless we’ve got some great stand-up comedian hosting a show. 

1. Easy-Peasy.ai  

ai joke generators

Easy-Peasy.ai is a free AI Joke generator that can get you hilarious jokes instantaneously. This generator is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems. These NLP systems understand humor and sarcasm and give you witty punchlines. 

Features – 

  • Has multiple templates apart from the joke generator like a content rewriter, paragraph writer, and so much more.
  • Has an interactive chatbox that lets you converse with AI and get funny responses, a suggestion system that offers you jokes related to your queries, and a wide range of categories to choose from.

Pricing – 

Easy-Peasy.ai offers its users a free plan that gives you 3000 words before you upgrade

  • Basic: $59.88/year
  • Starter: $96/year
  • Pro: $216/year

2. ChatGPT

ai joke generators

ChatGPT is a language model developed by Open AI. This AI system has been trained with a huge amount of data to generate responses and understand natural language to various prompts and questions.

As a joke generator, ChatGPT uses natural language processing algorithms to understand and analyse the components and structure of jokes. When generating a joke this AI identifies the key elements of a joke that make it humorous. It uses forms of linguistic humor, wordplay and, puns to create a joke. 

Features – 

  • Personalises jokes based on a user’s preferences and interests
  • ChatGPT is capable of creating jokes such as one-liners, knock-knock jokes, puns, and more
  • It’s extremely creative at coming up with jokes
  • It works on user feedback to improve performance
  • It is extremely easy-to-use

Pricing – 

  • Free Plan
  • ChatGPT Plus: $20/month

3. Punchlines.ai

ai joke generators

The artificial intelligence software Punchlines.ai uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze data and generate original, creative content. All it requires is for you to input prompts and topics and it generates jokes based on your inputs. 

Features – 

  • Utilises NLP to analyze text input and topics
  • Improves using machine learning 
  • Allows you to input content to create droll jokes

Pricing – 

It’s absolutely free to use!

4. Nichesss.com

ai joke generators

Nichesss has a lot of features for its users including a keyboard research tools, blogs, social media stuff and more. The main focus for us right now however is the joke tool that they offer. This just requires you to input a phrase or a few words and you can get multiple options for a good joke.

Features – 

  • A simple, easy and friendly user interface
  • Offers a blog that provides advice, insights, and tips on online marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Has a decent joke creator that requires input 
  • Has a content idea generator tool

Pricing – 

In terms of pricing, it has a free trial, and you can get a lifetime pass at $59

5. Boredhumans.com 

ai joke generators

Boredhumans.com is a simple website that provides a great way to pass your time with humorous content. It has a joke battle bot that is built to generate a ‘better joke’ compared to the old joke that you input. It has multiple pages that use AI technology to generate its content. It is an entertaining and versatile website for generating jokes, trivia questions, puns, and more. Boredhumans.com’s  support of multiple languages and commitment to clean humor makes it an accessible and fun resource for all backgrounds and ages.

Features – 

  • Encourages user feedback on the generated jokes and trivia
  • Boredhumans.com also consists of other AI-powered tools like Rap Battles, Art Generator, Article Writer and more
  • It has a chatbot interface making it easier to interact with the bot to create jokes and content
  • It also has a meme generator that uses AI to generate custom memes based on user input.

Pricing – 

Boredhumans.com is absolutely free and you can use all the AI pages you need.

6. Bing Chatbot  

ai joke generators

Bing Chatbot is something new offered by Microsoft. This software uses Artificial Intelligence and NLP to help users with their tasks and queries. Bing Chatbot is intertwined with the Bing search engine and helps users with tasks on the internet, you could compare it to google assistant. You can also ask Bing Chatbot to tell you a joke. 

This chatbot is available on a variety of platforms like their website, the Bing app is also available on Android and iOS. 

Features – 

  • Uses NLP to provide relevant and accurate results to user queries
  • It is capable of completing a variety of tasks like information collection, and reservations, and also can manage your calendar with Bing Chatbot
  • Bing Chatbot can also learn from interaction with users and provide personalized results
  • It offers multi-platform support like website, Android, iOS, and Bing for business
  • User-friendly interface that is intuitive 
  • Integrated with Bing search

Pricing – 

It’s a free software and has a lot to offer all you need to do is sign up with your Microsoft account and you are good to go.

Humor & AI   

As AI technologies advance and improve, humor and AI are becoming increasingly intertwined.

AI has the potential to improve and augment human humor in various ways, including the generation of jokes and humorous content, the delivery and timing of jokes, and even the analysis and prediction of audience reactions to humor.

The development of humor-generating algorithms and chatbots is one of the key areas where AI and humor intersect. These AI-powered tools analyze and understand human language using natural language processing and machine learning techniques, and then generate humorous responses based on that analysis. Numerous examples of AI-generated jokes and funny content are available on the internet, and the quality of these outputs is improving over time as technology advances.

However, there are some reservations about the impact of AI on humor, particularly the risk that AI-generated humor will be perceived as inauthentic or lacking in creativity. Some argue that humor is a uniquely human trait that machines cannot replicate, while others believe that AI has the potential to enhance and augment human humor in exciting ways.

Overall, the relationship between humor and AI is complex and evolving. It will be fascinating to see how these two fields intersect and influence each other in the coming years.

AI Joke Generation – Tech Progress

Since humor frequently depends on the context and draws on a variety of cultural and linguistic clues that are challenging for algorithms to mimic, creating humor with AI is a difficult task. Even while AI joke makers have advanced significantly in recent years, they are still unable to match the originality and complexity of human wit.

Understanding the different components of a joke, such as a setup, punchline, and timing, is one of the major obstacles in creating humor with AI. Although some AI joke generators are capable of producing jokes that are grammatically and technically sound, they frequently lack the subtlety and timing that make a joke truly funny.

Humor for people is quite subjective and varies greatly based on cultural and individual factors. While an AI algorithm may be able to generate a technically correct joke, it may not resonate with a particular audience or culture in the same way that a human-generated joke would.

Despite these challenges, AI joke generators are making significant progress in generating humor that is both technically correct and humorous. As the algorithms develop and the information used to train them gets more diverse and thorough, we will probably witness even more sophisticated and subtle AI-generated humor in the future.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that humor also refers to the imaginative and impromptu interactions that occur between people. While AI joke generators may be useful for generating humorous content on a large scale, they cannot replace the authentic and human connection that comes from shared laughter and humor.

PaLM and Witscript- Contribution to AI Joke Generation

PaLM by Google: PaLM, or “Pre-training with Abstract Language Modeling”, is a natural language processing algorithm developed by Google that has been applied to various tasks, including the generation of jokes. PaLM is designed to learn and understand the structure and patterns of language at an abstract level than other natural language processing algorithms. This allows it to generate text that is more coherent and contextually appropriate, which is particularly useful in the context of joke generation. By training PaLM on a large dataset of jokes and humor, researchers have been able to generate jokes that are more sophisticated and nuanced than those generated by other AI algorithms in the market.

Witscript patented by Joe Toplyn: Witscript is a patented algorithm developed by comedy writer and producer Joe Toplyn for generating humorous content. Unlike other joke generation algorithms that rely on statistical patterns or language models, Witscript is designed to generate jokes using a set of rules and constraints that mimic the creative processes used by human comedians. The algorithm uses a variety of techniques, including linguistic ambiguity and reversal, to generate jokes that are surprising and clever. Toplyn has used Witscript to generate jokes for television shows, such as The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as well as for corporate clients looking to add humor to their marketing campaigns.


Can AI generate jokes?

Yes, AI is capable of generating jokes using Natural Language Processing.

How does an AI joke generator work?

An AI generator analyses structures and patterns in a huge dataset of jokes and uses this data to generate new jokes and humor on a given topic or prompt. 

Are there any AI apps to generate jokes?

There are plenty of AI apps that generate jokes like easy-peasy.ai, Chat GPT, punchline.ai, nichesss.com, boredhumans.com, and Bing Chatbot

Are AI-generated jokes free?

There are plenty of AI joke generators that offer jokes for free or on a free trial period.


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