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5 Best AI Meme Generators for Being Creative to Rule Social Media

AI meme generators are software tools that help you create droll memes with hilarious captions. The rise of social media has made memes a staple of online culture. Memes are also a great way to troll a friend, to jest with them about their endearing yet funny personality traits. AI meme generators make it easier to make and share memes with everyone. Artificial intelligence meme generator tools can whip up captions, apply filters and resize images to create funny memes.

That being said, not all AI meme generators are made the same. Some offer limited options for customization, others may have a sparse template selection. You must find a meme generator that meets your needs and aids you in creating hysterical memes. 

These AI meme generators provide an entertaining method to interact with online audiences, whether you’re wanting to produce memes for personal use or marketing. So why not give them a shot and discover for yourself how simple and enjoyable making memes with AI technology can be?

Best AI Meme Generators

  1. Imgflip
  2. Kapwing
  3. Canva
  4. Adobe Express
  5. Memegenerator.net

The Meme Game 

The meme game has become a universal phenomenon, and its traction continues to grow. A key reason for its popularity is that it is simple to generate and share memes. AI meme generators are a great help in creating memes, making the process convenient and easy. 

Machine learning algorithms are used by AI meme generators to examine images and offer captions or other features. Some of the more sophisticated generators can also review the image’s context to produce more suitable captions. With this degree of automation, even people with little design experience can produce professional-looking memes in minutes.

Memes aren’t merely a form of entertainment. Memes can be used for marketing. This trend brought about meme marketing that has proven to be effective at reaching a younger target audience. Memes have developed to become a language of their own. It has proven to transcend cultures and borders in a way not much has been able to.

All over the world new memes are made and shared every single day. From funny jokes to social commentary, memes have a lot to say. With the internet growing and rapidly evolving we can be sure that the meme game and memes will be around for a long time. Therefore, memes will continue to play an essential role in entertainment and internet culture. 

5 Amazing AI Meme Generators You will Love

We’ve curated a list of 5 amazing AI meme generators available online. Each of the 5 tools offers unique features like an easy-to-use interface, advanced customization,  and a substantial amount of templates.

These AI meme generators can be used for both professional and personal meme generation. They offer a practical and fun way to engage with audiences online. So, without further ado scroll through our list and find an AI meme generator that works for you. 

1. Imgflip

ai meme generators

Imgflip is an online platform for designing and sharing memes. This website features an easy-to-use meme generator that encourages users to personalize pre-existing templates with their images and texts as well as tools to generate custom memes from scratch. Imgflip comes with an extensive library of pre-made GIFs and memes. The platform also has an AI meme captioner tool.

Imgflip has a user-friendly interface and amazing meme-creation tools making it a go-to for creators and meme aficionados alike. 

Features – 

  •  Imgflip has a built-in meme generator that helps generate memes easily 
  • The platform offers a custom meme creator that allows users to input their texts and images
  • Imgflip has an AI tool that reads the content in memes and provides caption suggestions
  • It has an extensive library of GIFs and pre-made meme templates 
  • The website also has a GIF-maker that allows you to import Youtube video links, or video files and create and customize GIFs as required
  • Imgflip also has an image flipper to change image orientation

Pricing – 

Imgflip is completely free to use and is a great tool for meme and GIF generation and captioning. 

2. Kapwing 

ai meme generators

Kapwing meme generator is an online meme generation tool that lets users create memes efficiently. The variety of meme templates and customization options only begin to explain why it’s a great pick. 

Kapwing meme generator also includes artificial intelligence tools like “Meme Faces” and “Deep Fry”. Meme Faces detects faces from images and places them into meme templates. Deep Fry uses artificial intelligence to distort your uploaded pictures and creates hilarious images. These AI tools add humor to the meme-creation process. 

Features – 

  • Has a ton of pre-made templates that allow you to create your hilarious memes. The templates also include famous formats like “Mocking Spongebob” and “Distracted Boyfriend”
  • You can upload your videos and images to use for your personalized memes
  • Kapwing has a range of emojis and stickers you can add to your memes
  • The platform also has customizable captions you can use for your unique memes
  • It has AI tools like “Deep Fry” and “Meme Faces”
  • It’s free to use but also offers a Pro version you can upgrade to 
  • The platform has collaborative features so you can invite friends via a link to work on your meme project with you

Pricing – 

It can be used for free but it also offers you to shift to Kapwing Pro for $16 per month. When you upgrade it allows you to remove watermarks from your memes and so much more.

3. Canva

ai meme generators

Canva is an extremely popular graphic design tool. This platform isn’t just a meme generator, but it does have tools and features that can aid you in generating memes. 

In terms of Canva’s AI tools that can help generate memes. It has a tool called “Magic Resize” which uses AI algorithms to resize your memes for any social media platform. Another artificial intelligence tool for you to try is “Background Remover” which removes the background from images and makes them look more professional. While canva is not a dedicated AI meme generator, it is however a great software for meme generation. 

Features – 

  • Canva offers popular meme templates and all of these are pre-made and just need you to input text
  • You can also upload your videos and images to create memes
  • It also has a huge library of emojis and stickers you can use for your memes
  • Canva also has text effects that you can apply to your meme captions
  • Encourages team collaboration by sharing a link with them 

Pricing – 

While Canva is free to use, it does have limitations on the features available for free. You can always upgrade to the Pro plan they offer at $12.99 a month. Canva Pro gives you unlimited access to it all. 

4. Adobe Express

ai meme generators

Adobe Express formerly known as Adobe Spark is a fantastic meme generator. Express lets you create memes with a variety of customizable options and templates. You can add your text, images, custom fonts, and colors. You can also adjust layers while creating a custom meme. 

Adobe Express also comes with various creative tools like graphic design, photo editing, and video editing making it a great place for creative projects. In terms of AI meme generation, Adobe Express has AI tools that can resize your memes to fit a variety of social media platforms 

Features – 

  • Brilliant user-friendly interface that allows you to create memes easily and efficiently 
  • Adobe Express has an extensive template library
  • This web-based online tool offers a plethora of customization options
  • A unique feature of Adobe Express is that it allows you access to Adobe Stock, giving users access to high-quality images for memes
  • This tool is also mobile compatible allowing people to use it on their tablets and mobiles
  • Adobe Express has social media integration allowing users to share their creations directly to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • It has an AI-powered text recognition software that can recognize text from uploaded images

Pricing – 

Adobe Express offers all the core features for the free plan. You can also move to the Premium plan at $9.99 monthly which has all the features you need. 

5. Memegenerator.net

ai meme generators

Memegenerator.net is a site with a user-friendly interface with loads of customizable templates. It mostly uses user-generated content and a collection of pre-existing meme themes. 

The “Distracted Boyfriend” meme, which utilizes a stock photo of a man turning away from his girlfriend to look at another woman and has been adapted into numerous AI-related memes, and is one example of how some of the templates on the site may incorporate humor or cultural references that are based on AI-related topics or trends.

Features – 

  • Memegenerator.net has a section for trending memes so that you can be up to date with the latest trends
  • This tool unlike other meme generators doesn’t leave you with a watermark on your creations
  • It has a meme editor with which you can edit an existing meme. Change the font, texts, or other elements
  • Memegenerator.net is available in multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and much more
  • Allows social sharing on all platforms directly from the webpage
  • You can customize the text on the pre-made templates offered by the site
  • This platform allows you to upload your pictures to make memes

Pricing – 

You can use memegenerator.net for free. You can access all of it without paying a dime or dealing with watermarks. 


What is the best AI meme generator?

Since each has distinct features and skills, there is no one greatest AI meme generator, however, popular choices include Imgflip, Meme Generator, and Kapwing.

Can AI generate memes?

Yes, artificial intelligence (AI) can produce memes through machine learning algorithms that can evaluate photographs and produce captions or other memetic features.

How does an AI meme generator work?

Machine learning techniques are used by AI meme generators to produce captions and other meme-related features by analyzing text and image data.

What are AI meme generator tools?

AI meme generators use machine learning techniques to produce captions and other meme-related features by analyzing text and image data.

How do I generate a meme using AI?

Choose an AI meme generator tool, upload an image, or use one from a library, then add a clever caption or text to create a meme.

Are AI-generated memes free?

Yes, AI-generated memes are generally free to use and create.

Can AI generate memes in text and picture formats?

Yes, AI can produce memes in both text and image formats, frequently with a wide range of personalization possibilities.


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