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13 Best AI Content Generators to Unleash Your Creativity

Content creation is no more a time-consuming, energy-depriving task. AI content generators are here to revolutionize the way content is created once and for all. 

With the newly powered best AI content generators, you can generate months’ worth of content within 15 minutes using little to few prompts – be it long-form or short-form. 

While content marketing is an untapped powerful source by many brands, the emergence of AI content generators is determined to help marketers and brands to leverage marketing channels optimally. 

A study conducted by Capettera found that 33% of marketers use AI for content generation. While few marketers see AI as a threat to their job, others are leveraging AI to their benefit to find more time to concentrate on other demanding tasks. 

AI content generators are becoming a part of the content creation process that helps in every phase be it ideation to editing and proofreading. AI has become a non-negotiable tool leveraged by content creators. 

NLP, data collection, and summarization abilities allow AI to create educational blogs, articles, videos, and even copyright-free images within minutes. While AI is still booming, there are infinite possibilities for the emergence of highly effective content generators that require less to no input from humans.

Best AI Content Generators

  1. Hypoteneuse
  2. Worldtune AI
  3. Frase
  4. Writer
  5. Chatsonic – Writesonic
  6. Copymatic
  7. Longshot
  8. Growthbar SEO
  10. Copysmith
  11. Anyword
  12. Peppertype
  13. Jasper AI

Understanding AI Content Generation   

In short, AI content generators are used to create content without spending hours brainstorming ideas, writing, and editing. AI content generators use existing content available on the internet to produce new content. 

Machine learning algorithms and advanced natural language processing help Artificial intelligence to maintain an extensive database of information. Whenever you raise a demand or request for content, it runs through its database and produces various content. 

Even though a few years back, it was unrealistic to think AI would produce human-like content, the advancement, and technological updates have paved the way for the emergence of highly effective free AI content generators. 

Types of AI Content Generators  

There is no shortage of AI content generators in the market. You can search for the best content generators in Google and get flooded with plenty of tools claiming to be the best at what they do. However, even the best tool in the market can’t be the best one for you if they don’t fulfill your business requirements. 

Hence, before you choose a tool and go for the paid version, you need to know your or your team’s requirements to pick the right tool that satisfies the exact content demands. 

Here is how to choose a tool that serves you well. 

1. Marketing 

If you’re majorly producing marketing content like blogs and articles, you should look for AI writing assistance that supports long-form content creation. Not all AI tools excel at creating long-form content, as redundancy is a significant issue. 

However, tools specially trained to create long-form content ensure your content is rife with updated insights without plagiarism or repetition. 

A few use cases of long-form content generators are blog post ideas generators, blog generators, marketing email generators, paragraph generators, outline generators, and meta description generators. 

2. Sales 

Sales involve copywriting. Unlike content, a copy must be super engaging to convert the readers and persuade them to take action.

If you’re a copywriter or looking to create sales copy, you need to look for AI content generators that provide an arsenal of templates and writing formulas.  

A few use cases for sales content generators are CTA generators, sales copy generators, product description generators, news generators, slogan generators, and so on. 

3. Content Creators for Social media 

Social media content creation is the most popular channel among other marketing mediums. The demand to keep creating quality content consistently challenges the creativity and energy of human creators. That’s where AI comes into the picture. 

Text-heavy social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter support easy-to-consume, information-rich content. 

The AI content tools that generate short yet repurposable content in large quantities allow content creators to post content that serves the audiences, complements with algorithms, and ultimately contributes to the end goal of building a following. 

With advanced features like Instagram hashtag generators, caption generators, and image generators, users have an array of ways to optimize their content for the best reader experience.

4. Content Creators for Videos 

A recent report emphasizes that 91 ℅ users prefer to consume video form of content rather than text-based content. It’s high time to get your feet on video channels like Tik Tok, Youtube shorts, and Instagram. 

The best AI content generator will help you with script creation, video editing, and even automated voice-over. If you plan to create more video content, check this AI list to find your perfect AI tool.

5. Content Creators for Podcasts 

There are 464.7 million podcast listeners globally; not to overlook, podcast channels are booming, and brands rely highly on creating thought leadership content through podcasts. 

While successful brands have stories to tell, growing brands struggle to develop ideas and organized scripts. AI enables users to generate podcast content that is factually correct and highly relevant.  

6. Content Creators for SEO 

Optimizing content for SEO allows you to rank your content on the first page of google, allowing you to gain traffic. Few AI content generators allow you to find relevant keywords, find SEO scores, and give suggestions to improve the chances of ranking.  

Few content generators have integrated with popular tools like Ahrefs, Surfer SEO, and other effective SEO tools to create content that optimizes content for search engines to rank higher. 

Content creation is a long-term game, and content ideation is the hardest part. However, with adequate research and experience, content brainstorming wouldn’t be difficult, albeit the time constraint would be unignorable. 

If you’re new to content creation or have been doing it for a while, you need an AI tool that helps you with bulk content creation, preferably short-form yet with compelling writing mode. 

13 Best AI Content Generators 2023 to Create Engaging Content

After trying the popular AI content generators firsthand, we have compiled a list of the best AI content generators that facilitate writing and content management. 

Without any ado, let’s get to the details. 

1. Hypotenuse

Hypotenuse is an AI content generation tool that promises to produce factually original and authentic content within minutes. 1000+ marketers use Hypotenuse content generators to speed up their content creation process. 

This AI writing assistant is specially geared to serve SEO strategists, content marketers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs. Their core functionalities include paraphrasing, slogan generation, Google, and Facebook ads content creation. 

What we Like

  • With 22+ language support, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, and more, the AI tool ensures every range of users gets access to their technology. 
  • The content detective tool creates data-backed content; it digs the internet to find relevant sources and fits them throughout the article. The best part is that it provides the source details, so you don’t have to fact-check manually. 
  • AI batch generation functionality brings out months’ worth of content in minutes for product descriptions, titles, repurposing, and category pages. 
  • Churning out various content ideas from one core idea is impressive and time-saving.
  • By showcasing variety in your prompts, you can generate different types of blog content like listicles, example-driven blogs, and data-backed pieces to have an array of content for your readers. 
  • To make your content visually rich, you can generate copyright-free images with HypeArt. 

What We Don’t Like

  • One significant backlog with Hypotenuse is that it doesn’t yet produce ready-to-publish content. You might need an editor or time to edit the content manually before it goes live.  
  • While chatbots are super famous now, this AI’s chatbot is still in beta mode, which justifies its redundancy in content for prompts with minute differences.  
  • An in-depth SEO functionality needs to be improved; hence you may need an SEO tool to optimize your content or check if the content generated is ready to rank. 


Starter – $24  per month
Growth $49  per month
Enterprise – Custom 

2. Wordtune AI 

Wordtune is an AI paraphrasing tool and the next best Quill Bot alternative. It was founded by AI21 labs, arriving way earlier in the market in 2018. With an easily adaptable chrome extension, this AI tool works well with Google docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  

Wordtune is designed to help non-writers and writers who struggle to frame a perfect sentence. The core functionality of Wordtune is rewriting sentences, producing articles, and the chrome extension comes in handy whenever and wherever you need it in your workspaces. 

What We Like

  • The significant advantage of the tool is that it integrates with 10+ common platforms, which makes it easy and accessible. 
  • Within a click, you can generate non-robotic yet engaging alternative sentences which can be used without making any edits. 
  • The free version is super effective; however, with the premium features, you can create more advanced sentences by tweaking the tone and expanding or shortening the sentence as required. 
  • Unlike other tools, this tool doesn’t recommend outdated and non-flowing synonyms. They are well suited to the trends and happenings in the industry. 
  • As nature, it is a paraphrasing tool that doesn’t generate any plagiarised content. 
  • Users can use this tool without any tutorials and guidance, as it is super intuitive. 
  • The new word tune spice functionality allows you to write blogs and articles while providing minimal inputs or prompts.  

What We Don’t Like

  • Word tune AI is not a full-fledged AI writing tool but a writing assistance that finely tweaks your writing. 
  • Functionalities like SEO, batch creation, and other use cases should be introduced to help users to a greater extent. 


Free – $0  per month
Premium – $9.99 per month
Premium for teams – Custom 

3. Frase 

Frase Ai is a research and writing tool that helps brands create generic content. The agency excels at producing outlines, creating first drafts, and summaries. 

This AI content creation tool basically does what an entry-level content writer would do and is one of the best tools to outcompete your target audience. If you’re creating awareness-level shallow content, this tool is your best fit to produce 30% of your overall content.

What We Like

  • The unfair advantage of this tool is – it knows the thin line between paraphrasing and plagiarism. It creates non-identical content even though it technically generates information from top-performing blogs. 
  • The AI categorizes the sections of your competitors or well-performing blogs and allows you to mimic the outline and find content gaps to create another rank-worthy content. 
  • Using one long-form keyword, it compares and generates top-performing SERP blogs to ensure your blog piece covers all basics and standard information. 
  • With Frase, create content briefs that help you make the first draft within minutes. 
  • Various use cases support different forms of content like how-to, listicles, and other templates that suit your requirements.  
  • Frase does an excellent job in content optimization, writing, analytics, and brief creation.

What We Don’t Like

  • Frase is undoubtedly the best AI content writing tool; however, it must be tuned to create thought leadership content. 
  • The AI tool creates content for short-tail and highly competitive keywords; however, it also needs to excel in creating content from long-tail keywords.  
  • A robust keyword research feature is a miss; users still need an SEO tool to optimize their content.


Solo – $14.99 per month
Basic – $44.99  per month
Team – $ 114.99  per month

4. Writer 

The Writer AI is an enterprise-level content generator that creates factually sharp content. This AI enables you to ideate, create, draft, edit, and distribute content.  

This AI text generator tool is engineered to help you with content marketing, branding, and product marketing. This tool stands out from other AI tools as it is highly effective at adapting to your brand’s writing tone and style. 

What We Like 

  • Writer focuses on deriving concepts from various forms of content, including PDFs, audio, and other formats, rather than just relying on blogs. 
  • Integrates effectively with Figma, Word, Chrome, and Google docs to facilitate writing wherever you’re used to all these years.  
  • One among the few AIs which provides an API to merge your workflow with the tool. 
  • To make it easy for your writers and content team, you can create a brand style guide to ensure every piece of content generated sounds like your brand and is not generic or robotic. 
  • With seven use cases, from emails to ads, everything related to marketing content is taken care of to maintain consistent messaging through all marketing channels. 
  • Assures to keep your data safe and secure and explicitly states that they don’t use it for any purpose except for meeting your content demands. 
  • Writer helps you to build your brand dictionary to enable your content team to ensure consistent messaging. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The interface isn’t as user-friendly as one assumes for beginners, 
  • Pricing is a bummer as it doesn’t serve startups or individuals while the tool best suits their needs. 


Team – $18 per month
Enterprise – custom

5. Chatsonic – Writersonic

Chatsonic, powered by Writersonic, is a dialogue-based free AI content generator that serves the need of e-commerce owners, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs. 

This is one of the best AI writers with 1,00,000+ marketers as users. Writesonic assists with content ideation, outlining, research, and drafting containing all tools that help the entire content creation process. 

The core functionalities of Chatsonic include paraphrasing, sentence expander, text summarizers, AI art generators, product descriptions, and landing page generators. This chatbot claims to be an improvised version of ChatGPT and has around 10,000+ users. 

What We Like  

  • Create social media content, blog posts, marketing and sales copy, and SEO-optimized content that is well-equipped with current happenings and trends. 
  • To increase efficiency in content creation, you can use the voice chat option to provide inputs and prompts. 
  • Unlike other AI tools, this one has an app version, making integration with other applications easier. 
  • With the AI image generator, you can create stunning images to add more spice to your content. 
  • Integrates with Surfer SEO to create rank-ready content, which is their best feature, as many AI tools claim to produce SEO-optimized content but have no proof to back the claim. 
  • With the help of Writersonic API, you can integrate the software with your existing tool stack. 
  • Equipped with commonly used templates that meet the needs of everyday writers and marketers.

What We Don’t Like 

  • Different integration with other major platforms would be highly encouraged. 
  • Redundancy is a common issue found with the content generated.
  • Fact check becomes a necessity while publishing. 
  • Chatsonic can only be of little use to you if you expect to produce creative content. 


Free trial – $0 per month
Long-form – $12.67 per month
Custom plan is also available 

6. Copymatic 

Copymatic is one of the best AI content generator tools that uses GPT-3 AI language model to create content, copy, and image. This AI is trained and designed with the inputs of various writers and marketers to produce human-like content. 

The core use cases of this tool include blog content, social media copy, marketing, and sales copy. With an arsenal of templates, automating or standardizing your workflow to 2X your efficiency is possible. 

What We Like 

  • 20+ language accessibility, including English, French, German, and Spanish, to create target audience-based content. 
  • 80+ writing tool stack that comes with the chrome extension ability to ensure easy and optimum accessibility of the tool. 
  • The only AI tool that provides an SEO score to know how ready your content is to rank on the first page of google. 
  • Templates and customization help you structure or provide an outline to generate the content in your style and format. 
  • You can see the landing page content along with the presentation, which gives you an idea of how your landing page looks live. 
  • The Chatbot feature includes a google search option that fetches details about current trends. You can toggle it on and off as per your need.
  • 10+ inbuilt prompts allow you to initiate a conversation with the AI without prior practice. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The copy generated is basic and needs a round of edit to adapt it to your brand style. 
  • Chatbot is still in beta mode, which is a letdown because it has become a default functionality of all AI writing assistant tools.  


Starter: $29/mo
Pro: $49/mo  

7. Longshot 

As the name stands for itself, Longshot is an AI-driven content generators advanced at creating long-form content. With 20,000+ marketers as their users, the tool is well-versed in assisting content marketers and long-form content writers.

The core use cases of the tool are headline generators, content rephrases, listicles, conclusions, semantic SEO generators, and FAQ generators. The AI rolled out the factGPT feature in 2023, which made it stand out in the crowd. 

What We Like 

  • With the customizable option to create your templates, it’s simple and easy to adapt the tool’s functionality to fit your work style. 
  • Unlike other tools, this AI assistant has the added feature of helping you with FAQ generation, which can be helpful in market research or customer research. 
  • The outline inspiration allows you to compile blog posts from an array of significant facts and headers. 
  • The keyword suggestion tools help you target highly relevant blog keywords. 
  • Runs through the SERP pages to conduct primary research and find insights for your blog article 
  • Integrates with WordPress, Semrush, chrome extension, HubSpot, medium, and Copyscape. 
  • FactGPT is similar to ChatGPT but with more factually correct and meaningful results for the prompt; Speed and efficacy are also up to the mark. 

What We Don’t Like

  • You need to handpick content outlines manually, which is time-consuming
  • You need to run a round of edits to adapt your brand voice and replace vague sentences. 
  • The inclusion of a brand style guide template or functionality can be helpful. 
  • API unavailability is also a disadvantage. 


Pro – $29 per month
Team – $ 49 per month
Agency – $375 per month

8. Growthbar SEO 

Growthbar SEO is an AI text generator widely known for its ability to create fully optimized content. It claims to generate a 1500 word blog in under 2 minutes with minimal inputs, a firm promise showcasing the tool’s efficacy. 

This tool is tailored to meet the demands of bloggers and agencies who produce a large quantity of content for their clients and always have a high demand for content. 

What We Like 

  • You can generate SEO content from Growthbar without using any other popular SEO tools in the market. 
  • A full-fledged SEO performance tracker includes keyword research tools, competitor research, and on-page SEO audit tools.
  • With plug-and-play templates, content creation can always be challenging. 
  • Free to use a chrome extension to provide SEO insights and AI for WordPress. 
  • Multiple options to find your content’s proper wording and structure to make it read-worthy.  
  • Backlink analysis and other SEO functionalities make the platform a comprehensive tool for marketers and bloggers.
  • The chrome extension provides an extensive report about the SEO performance of keywords and topics while you scroll through SERP. 

What We Don’t Like 

  • If your blogs differ from your generic writing or content style, you might need to manually insert a few insights and edit to adapt to your brand style and ultra-specific niche. 
  • This AI tool isn’t affordable for all tiers of users, which restricts its accessibility. 


Standard – $29 per month
Pro – $79 per month
Agency – 129 per month


best ai content generators
Click image for a general overview

AI writer is one among the best AI content creators that assist you with writing content from scratch. This AI tool claims to be an accurate generator that solely produces content from a single headline or title. 

Like Growthbar, AI writer is also best suited to bloggers and agencies who create bulk content. The core functionalities of the AI generator are rewording, draft generation, citations list, SEO-focused text editor, subtopic generator, source summarizer, and so on. 

What We Like

  • The source list of citations in the article reduces the manual time spent manually checking factual and statistical data. 
  • Highly helpful in repurposing your blog but in a different format with the text rewording functionality.  
  • Quickly find a list of target keywords for your content to make it rank-ready. 
  • Compare the first 20 blogs of any selected keywords to see the well-performing blogs and pick their critical insights. 
  • Generate content within 2.30 minutes, and you can even track the ETA, which is fantastic and unique. 
  • Beginner-friendly, easy-to-use, and intuitive AI tool.  
  • Backing up the content with proof is an unfair advantage of the tool. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Plagiarism is questionable, as you need to run a third-party plagiarism check. 
  • You can use this as an outline tool rather than a full-fledged writing tool. 
  • Content production is slower than the estimated time.
  • Defective and improper understanding of the topic as it gets only little context from the headlines. 
  • Even though requiring minimal input from users is advantageous, the output produced is not satisfying.


  • Basic plan – $29 
  • Standard plan – $59 
  • Power plan – $375 per month 

10. Copysmith

Copysmith is geared to help with e-commerce and enterprise needs. This writing assistant is sharp at creating short-form content like product descriptions, social media posts, repurposing, and ad content. 

The core use cases of the tools are blog outlines, intro, outro posts and articles, press releases, web copy, and product descriptions. Copysmith’s analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into content performance, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions about their content strategy.

What We Like 

  • API integration to use tools that ensure smooth workflow among different tools.  
  • Customize your use cases apart from the standard ones to adopt the tool to your business.
  • 100+ language support to create content that reaches wider and regional audiences. 
  • Bulk copy functionality allows the users to create a month’s worth of content within minutes, saving hours of ideation, brainstorming session, and painful writing process. 
  • You can tweak the creativity of your writing with the help of creativity radar, with allows you to adopt the right style of content for your brand.  
  • You can also change the tone radar allowing you to create content that sounds more like you and your business. 
  • Art studio helps you to produce quality images to make content easily readable. 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Redundancy in the content is a significant setback of this tool 
  • The absence of a plagiarism check demands users seeks another plagiarism checker. 
  • The SEO tool could have been more in-depth, as you still may want to conduct SEO research manually. 
  • New users need help getting used to the interface and use cases of the tool.  


Starter – $19 per month
Professional – $59 per month
Startup – $299 per month 

11. Anyword 

Any Word is an AI article writer used by 85000+ marketers worldwide to manage performance and content marketing while doing great work in SEO as well. 

The top use cases of the tools are Ad copy, social media content, blog posts, landing pages, product description, email, SMS to create push notifications, and company bio for socials. This tool is tailored to meet your brand needs while enabling you to develop brand-driven and SEO-rich content that generates highly personalized marketing content for brands.  

What We Like  

  • Score check is a unique feature that judges the content based on your end marketing goal and brand’s requirements which helps you to create content that aligns with your ultimate goal. 
  • Built-in SEO optimization to ensure the content produced ranks higher in the SERP for the targeted keyword. 
  • You don’t have to worry about duplication or redundancy with plagiarism checkers.  
  • This AI tool is well-versed in creating short-form content and blog posts within a few minutes while adapting to the nature of the content, like informative, educational, commercial, and so on. 
  • The three-step process to create blog content is more impressive and efficient as it simplifies the process. 
  • Writes data-driven content while maintaining a solid SEO score and techniques. 
  • Creates content that doesn’t need full-fledged edits or proofreading, 
  • You can manually add a keyword; the AI uses it naturally while writing an article. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The offer and credit should be made available to all users as some think it is irrelevant to them. 
  • The content variations might sometimes repeat, destroying the nature of the variation feature. 
  • You need to re-generate content at times to get what you expect and know what works best for you.  


Starter – $24 per month
Data-driven – $83 per month  

12. Peppertype

Peppertype is a tool created by Peppercontent, a famous content marketing agency. The tool is used by 2,50,000 users, including blog writers, marketers, agencies and enterprises, and content creators. 

If you want to create bulk content in less time, pepper type is your ideal AI tool. The core features of the AI are repurposing, producing SEO-driven content, marketing and sales pages, ad copies, etc. 

What We Like 

  • 25+ language accessibility allows global users to get optimum results from the tool.  
  • Constantly rolling out new minor features keeps the product updated and serves the customers’ needs effectively then and there.  
  • Excel at creating short-form content and ads that perform well in varied marketing channels. 
  • A mobile-friendly AI writing tool that allows users to generate content with their fingertips in a few clicks. 
  • Small yet to-the-point prompts help the AI to grasp your needs easily. 
  • Producing high-quality output with minimal effort is the unique feature of Peppertype AI. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Users are looking out for significant feature updates to create long-form content, which is currently absent.  
  • It does not help in creating thought-leadership content and other unique types of content except generic blogs. 
  • Citations and factual checks need to be included, while many other AI tools provide the source of the stat used in the content. 
  • The absence of an in-built editor and writing workspace is a major setback as it makes it difficult for the user to leverage the tool optimally.  


Personal – $35 per month
Team – $199 per month 

13. Jasper AI 

Jasper AI, formerly known as Jarvis, was founded in 2022. This AI copywriting software is one of the most popular tools for its ability to create original and authentic content. The tool is geared towards helping freelancers and agencies. 

This tool creates almost all types of content, including Youtube scripts, blog writing, and social media content. This tool is highly praised for its ability to write while adapting tried and tested different writing formulas. 

What We Like  

  • 50+ copywriting techniques, including AIDA, PAS, blog intro, and outro that can be used to generate different types of copy to produce engaging and converting content. 
  • With their boss mode, you can access Grammarly and get 25+ language support. 
  • Storytelling and blog introduction is unique and follows the basic rules to churn out engaging content.
  • The added advantage is the active Facebook community to help you sort your queries and keep tabs on significant job opportunities. 
  • Integration with Surfer ads more credibility for its ability to create SEO-optimized content. 
  • Jasper write feature generates quick information on the go providing you with basic insights about different concepts. 
  • The tone of voice feature helps you to produce more engaging content that mimics your brand voice. 
  • With Jasper, you can repurpose content into different forms to post on varied social channels like Youtube scripts, blogs, newsletters, and so on.  
  • Users report that they found increased engagement and reach as this tool creates content that communicates effectively with their target audience. 

What We Don’t Like 

  • No free trial, which leaves the new users clueless about the live action of Jasper 
  • Chat GPT 3 is updated only with 2021 information, making it harder for Jasper to create content on trending new topics. 
  • API unavailability hinders the ability to integrate with your existing tool stack. 
  • Exporting content must be done in the traditional method copy paste, which is sometimes time-consuming for readers. 
  • Even though originality is promised, factual data must be included, reducing the tool’s credibility. 
  • Your content’s tone highly depends on how you give prompts – better prompts, better results.  


Boss mode – $82 per month varies according to the count of words
Business – Custom plans and prices 

Can AI Content Generators Replace Content Writers?

Wordtune recently quoted that “AI won’t replace writers, but we predict that writers who use AI will replace writers who don’t,” which is a straightforward way to prove that technology is here to help us and not replace us. 

Even though few AI content generators are advanced enough to replace entry-level content writers who solely rely on google to research, AI isn’t yet developed to write off professional and advanced content writers out of the game. 

Moreover, the absence of aspects like adapting brand voice, subject matter expert insights, use cases, and example-driven copy significantly differentiates human-like content from AI-generated ones ultimately affecting the overall quality.  

Not to overlook, game-changing forms of content like case studies and thought leadership content are still relatively new to AI. These types of content are purely derived from subject matter expertise and industry leaders. In contrast, AI uses existing information to create new content. Hence, AI cannot replace intermediate to advanced-level writers who write for readers and not for impressions. 

The Future of AI Content Generators

The future of AI content generation looks immensely promising, with advancements in NLP and machine learning continuing to improve the quality and relevance of AI-generated content.

The AI writing assistant software market is expected to hit USD 6464.31 million by 2030. The advancement in AI technology in the past few years is proof that AI content generators are still in the developing stage and can be expected to grow exponentially. 

We can expect the development of various use cases, templates, and revolutionary features like chatbots and more in the near future. While big players like Google and Microsoft are trying to make their way in the industry, no doubt AI writing tools are going to be the talk of the town for the next few years.  


Is there any free AI content generator?

Yes, there are many free AI content generators like ChatGPT, FRase, Copy AI, Copysmith, and so on.   

Which is the best AI content generator?

The best AI content generator varies according to individual needs. However, the most popular ones are Jasper, ChatGPT, CopyAI, Writersonic, and Frase. 

Do AI content generators work?

Yes. AI content generators can produce long- and short-form content within minutes.  

How do I create an AI content generator?

You either need to have the technical knowledge or outsource the software development work by investing in developers to create your AI content generator. 


Swapnil Pate is an experienced SEO consultant specializing in Publisher and SaaS SEO. He has helped brands grow their organic search visibility and achieve their traffic and revenue goals by building proprietary systems, playbooks, templates, and processes to identify and scale content to achieve growth in traffic and revenue. Swapnil has worked with 100+ leading brands from around the world, including publishers like Republic World, Zee5, Sportskeeda, BTVI and Bajaj Finserv Markets, Tata Digital. He has also expanded his focus to working with niche SaaS businesses, growing his portfolio to over six clients in the SaaS SEO space. Swapnil holds a Bachelor's in Computer Applications and a Business Analytics Masters from Great Lakes Institute of Management. He also runs his own portfolio of niche websites.

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